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Overwhelmed, asking which product or what next... what information should I put on it? Well the simple answer is whatever you wish, this is your goodbye. Memorial stationery can differ based on religion, culture, service choices, or personal preference so whilst anything goes the following is simply a guide to help you decide what you do and do not want to include.


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Quotes & Poems

It can be so hard to sum up a lifetime and honour a loved one so we have put together these categories to make it easier to find the right words. Below you will find some quote and poem inspiration that may help you to express your feelings. We hope you will find one which feels right for you and which will be a memorable tribute to your loved one.



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Be mindful of the length of poem you choose for instance. For instance, don’t choose a long poem if you also require a family thank you and image on a tribute card. Our designers do their best with the desired content but if you squeeze too much information on there the font size needs to be reduced and this can be problematic for those with poor eyesight.



Thank You Messages

Thank you messages enables you to express a message of acknowledgement and gratitude to those attending. You can usually find the thank you message on the back page of the order of service. It is here you can also put any after service gatherings. Our order forms will prompt this question if required. Thank you messages can also be added to Tribute cards but please be aware of the smaller amount of space and consider the other elements requested to be on the page. A concise version is more appropriate for a tribute card.

Thank messages can also be shared via Thank You or Sympathy Cards. Designs can be complimented to match the order of service or tribute card chosen for the service for a cohesively designed memorial stationery set.






Song Selections

Music plays such an important part in people’s lives that it now acts as the theme tune to their passing. Modern funerals are very much about personal choice and considering the mood of a song is essential. For example, does it create an uplifting atmosphere or have a sentimental tug on the heart. Also contemplate the position of the song in the service. Was it selected to be the entrance or exit song, or a tribute song to accompany a photo tribute. Ask yourself what feelings do you want people associating with at the time?


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Why doesn't Pencil Dust Designs offer a printing service?

Pencil Dust Designs are currently not offering a printing service Outside of the Gold Coast. Instead we provide you with a Print-Ready PDF that you can take to your local printer. We’ve written a blog post on how easy it is to get your programs printed locally, you can check that out here. It is possible to print at home, however for best quality, we recommend going to a professional printer who can also take care of the trimming and folding. We do not provide a printing service because it is difficult for us to coordinate and guarantee delivery outside of the Gold Coast. If you are based in Gold Coast and would like us to manage printing and delivery for you, please contact us on and we can provide an quote.

Do you recommend DIY printing on a home/office printer?

Pencil Dust Designs Funeral Stationery artwork is designed to fit easily on standard paper sizes to make at home printing easy, but that said, we don't really recommend it. Here’s why; 1. Home printers produce lower quality work, 2. There’s lots of potential technical issues e.g. printer runs out of ink, printer gets a paper jam, front and back pages don’t align etc, and 3. Its more labour intensive than you think to print, trim and fold 50+ programs neatly. Unless you have access to a great printer plus a super tech savvy assistant to take care of it all for you, we recommend saving yourself the headache and letting your local print shop take care of it for you.

Why not just use the designer at the print shop?

It's not their specialty, they know business cards, letterheads etc. not funeral proceedings, wording or hierarchy of information in relation to a funeral, where our order forms and resources will guide you with this. Plus you will find they aren't accustomed to the short turn around times of the memorial stationery industry so they will charge a premium to make your job a design priority.

What are the photo requirements?

We recommend using 300dpi images, and prefer to receive either jpeg or png images or pdf files. We understand that some people may not have access to high quality images, so we will do our best with what you are able to provide, however all images must be provided in a digital format - printed images must be scanned/photographed for uploading. Do not mail any original photos.

What if I don't have access to any photos?

We can easily highlight their name and replace photos with patterns, or landscape images or design elements as per your preferences.

What happens if I make a mistake or need to change something?

When you submit your content after purchasing, an email is sent to you immediately that summarises all the content that you provided. Within this email there is also an edit link, which allows you to go back and edit the content. Please be aware that major changes may add additional time to our usual 24 hour turnaround time. If you no longer have access to this email, you can email changes to

What file format will your send the Final Program Design in?

We will supply you with a ‘print ready PDF’ that you can email or take to your local printer. It will have all printers marks in the margins such as: trim marks, registration marks, colour bars, page information and a 5mm bleed. This information is all for professional printing. 

Can I purchase a design and then edit it myself?

No, we use professional design software to create and customise our templates. Most people will not have the software or skills required to edit these files. Our Graphic Designers are some of the best in the industry. The programs we create are typically based off an existing design chosen by the client - but is altered and customised extensively to best suit the content at hand. Every single one is a unique and uplifting reflection of the person.

Can I choose a different design after I’ve purchased one?

If you have not yet supplied us the content for your Funeral Program, then you may change your mind about the design you wish to use, but must advise us of this when you upload your content. However if you have already supplied us with the content for your Funeral Program, then we have likely already begun the design process to customise your content, therefore it may not be possible to change at this time. We assess these situations on a case by case basis, so the sooner you let us know of your change in preferences, the more likely we will be able to accommodate them.

What is the revision process?

If after receiving your customised artwork there is something that you would like changed, just let us know by email on and we will ensure that the revision is made as quickly as possible. 

Why is my design different from the example on the website?

While we will use the same elements your chosen design, your artwork will be unique and directed by the content and instruction you supply. Our designers take into consideration various things like the photo quality, backgrounds and colour in photos, the amount of content and space available just to name a few challenges but we will always design from a perspective of the end print product being the best it can be. 

Do you work with Funeral Homes?

Yes, we are happy to negotiate alternative pricing for those that use our services regularly, or would like to operate as an affiliate. Please email


Order of Services, Funeral or Memorial Programs are folded cards that are handed out to guests at a funeral or memorial service. They have two main functions; firstly it is a practical way to communicate the order of the service to the guests, and secondly it’s a tribute to your loved one, and a keepsake for the guests. Order of Services can also be called; funeral service sheets, remembrance sheets, funeral program, funeral bulletin, funeral memorial programs, funeral service programs, obituary programs, or memorial service programs.

Can you create completely Bespoke/original designs?

Yes. Sometimes, people have something very specific in mind for their loved one's Memorial Stationery, but need help bringing the idea to fruition. We don't offer a standard price or timeframe for this type of work as it's important to understand your needs first, so get in touch as soon as possible so we can discuss on

Can you edit my photo?

Yes. These requests will be quoted upon viewing the image and a additional charge will occur depending on the length of time required. Get in touch as soon as possible so we can discuss, email


Yes, we love unique ideas and creating cohesive memorial stationery sets so if you have ideas for other product we would love to help you make that come to fruition. Some altenate products we have created artwork for include, badges, bumper stickers, stubby coolers, hats, t-shirts and even a tea towel which held a generational family recipe. Get in touch to see what possible at

We also have photoshop services if required, find out more information here.

Don't forget to check out our blog, we have a range of useful resources such as poems, quotes and music inspiration or examples of family thank you messages to assist you.





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