Terms & Conditions



We understand that losing a loved one and organising a funeral service can be a very stressful time. Therefore we would like to clarify some points that can occasionally cause misunderstandings. Please take time to read our terms and conditions to ensure the process of creating your funeral program is as stress-free as possible. Thank you.



Customer: The person(s) who places an order with Pencil Dust Designs. Project: Design of the Memorial Stationery. Final product: The final, print ready PDF of any works produced by Pencil Dust Designs for you, the customer. Working Days: 9am & 5pm 7-days UTC+10:00 (AEST)



Although we rigorously proof, customers must check all proofs themselves (including initial and final) for any errors including but not limited to, grammar, details, images and sizing. Pencil Dust Designs takes no responsibility for any errors in the final product, regardless of who made the error. It is the customer’s responsibility to check all proofs for errors or omissions. Any additional changes required after a final product has been provided to the customer will come at an additional charge. The only exception is if there is an error in the final product that was not present in the pdf proofs (or hardcopy thereof) that you approved. In this case that would be rectified at no extra charge.

We encourage you to thoroughly check once, twice or even three times for any errors in all proofs and/or enlist the help of a family member or friend to do so. A fresh pair of eyes helps to ensure that all details are correct. The content you provide for the program is copied and pasted into your funeral program, so you must check all details are accurate when entered into the Pencil Dust Designs content upload form or sent to us in any other way. Pencil Dust Designs takes no responsibility for any errors in the customer supplied content. Please ensure capital letters and punctuation are included where appropriate as well as any special characters or symbols such as &, # or *.



To help our designers to create the highest quality memorial stationery for your loved one, we recommended sending us high-resolution digital photos of 300dpi in jpg or png format. We understand that you may not have access to the highest quality images, therefore we will do our best to work with what you have. Pencil Dust Designs takes no responsibility for any image imperfections in the final product including, but not limited to, colour, size and clarity as a result of low resolution and/or quality of the images supplied by the customer. All images must be sent in digital formats and any printed photos must be scanned before being sent to us.



Unless stated otherwise, all prices are in Australian dollars. Payment is required before work on the memorial stationery can commence.


Change fees

Pencil Dust Designs allows the customer 1 sets of changes for no charge. If any additional changes are requested, this will incur an additional fee.



Pencil Dust Designs is committed to have the completed proof delivered to you by email within 24 hours of all content being submitted. However, this may be delayed for the following reasons: • The payment has not been received in full • Content has not been provided fully, or changes to the content are requested • During the design process, the customer is not timely with suggesting further changes or approving proofs.



Pencil Dust Designs will send pdf proofs via email to the address supplied on the customer content upload form (unless agreed otherwise). Proofs are to be approved by the customer in writing via email before the print ready PDF is supplied. Any changes made at the request of the customer will also need to be made and accepted in writing via email.



The printing of your custom designed memorial stationery is NOT included in the purchase price, and printing service is NOT offered by Pencil Dust Designs. Printing is to be arranged by the customer, however Pencil Dust Designs may offer advice regarding printing on request to the customer. Pencil Dust Designs takes no responsibility for any errors, imperfections or delays incurred during the printing process. In addition, Pencil Dust Designs takes no responsibility for material supplied by the customer for the purpose of the final product that is of an unsatisfactory quality for the printing process. We recommend supplying high-resolution images (300dpi) to ensure printing output is to a high standard. Pencil Dust Designs takes no responsibility for any errors or imperfections in relation to the printing and trimming of the final product unless the error lies in the file formatting of the final product sent to the printer.



Pencil Dust Designs may store customer details but will not disclose any information to any company or persons outside of Pencil Dust Designs unless directly related to the production and payment of the final product. We do not display any customer details or images as part of the final product on our website, social media accounts or promotional material except for parts of the design created by Pencil Dust Designs in the final product that do not reveal any customer details or images. However, we do reserve the right to use copies of the final product in our physical portfolios as recognition of creative excellence or professional advancement. Any use of a customer’s final product in any other media besides stated above must first have gained the permission of the customer.



The copyright to any files supplied by the customer remain in ownership of the customer. Any design work, whether draft or final, carried out by Pencil Dust Designs or any independent contractors hired to carry out design work on behalf of Pencil Dust Designs, remains the copyright of Pencil Dust Designs. Any requested song lyrics, poems, quotes, artwork supplied by the customer to Pencil Dust Designs must adhere to Copyright Law by the customer firstly gaining full permission from the author(s), composer(s), artist(s) of the supplied material. Pencil Dust Designs reserves the right to decline the use of material that it deems in breach of copyright. To ensure correct use of third party material in your service sheets, Pencil Dust Designs has provided examples of a number of well known poems and quotes that are in the public domain and free from copyright for you to choose from.


Acceptance of these terms

Once an order is placed and confirmed with payment, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions.



Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.


Inappropriate or illegal material

Pencil Dust Designs reserves the right to decline the use of any material in a customer’s funeral program that Pencil Dust Designs considers to be illegal or inappropriate.