Products of Remembrance

Our products to print range of memorial stationery feature tribute cards, order of service cards, inserts, bookmarks and thank you cards, each custom created for a personalised tribute and a meaningful keepsake for guests. Hold screens are also available to compliment your printed token of remembrance. Below are descriptions of each product. 

If you need help deciding what information to put on your product.
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Tribute Cards

Deciding between a program of service or a tribute card... the amount of content you wish to have will answer this question for you. Generally, a tribute card will hold a short poem and/or a concise thank you message on the back, if you desire more content you are best to consider an order of service.

Tribute cards are A6 in size (105x148mm or 4.1x5.8in) and we recommend to print on a 250-300gsm card stock.

NOTE: If you need to consider your print budget, tribute cards are more cost effective then order of services as they are smaller and do not require the scoring and folding process.




Order of Service

An order of service is a 4 page folded card that has room for more content, specifically a section to list the segments of the service. This is usually arranged with the service conductor and they will be able supply you this information after your consultation. We also have a useful template that may assist you but we advise you to confirm proceedings with your conductor first before requesting the artwork.

The folded finished size is A5 is (148x210mm or 5.8x8.3in) and we recommend to print on a 250-300gsm card stock. Order of Services can also be called; funeral service sheets, remembrance sheets, funeral programme, funeral bulletin, funeral memorial programs, funeral service programs, obituary programs, or memorial service programs.




Lyric/Poem Inserts

Got extra content? Inserts are great for extra photos, song lyrics, long poems, prayers, readings etc. It’s nice to have this content written out so guests can sing along at the service or reflect on the words of a poem or reading at later date. Inserts are placed inside the order of service and usually printed double sided on a paper stock. Ask your printer for approximately a 150gsm paper stock weight.





Bookmarks are a purposeful product in memory of your loved one and a touching keepsake for friends and family attending the funeral service. Designs can be complimented with other products for a cohesive set. Bookmarks usually contain a photo, name and dates on the front and a poem or wording on the back. Ask your printer for approximately a 300gsm paper stock weight. This nice heavy card will increase its longevity.




Thank You Cards

Funeral Thank You Cards or Sympathy Cards are sent in appreciation after a funeral or memorial service. Personalised Thank You/Sympathy Cards are a lasting keepsake in memory of your loved one and enables you to express a message of acknowledgement of support and gratitude. We recommend to print on a 250-300gsm card stock and suggest a matching envelope. Designs can be complimented to match the order of service or tribute card chosen for the service for a cohesively designed memorial stationery set.




Holding screen

A holding screen is a jpg image file that is displayed on the television or computer screen before and after the photographic tribute. For a cohesive feel the design can be complimentary to other printed stationery that may be ordered. We advised that you test your audio visual equipment prior to the service to avoid any additional stress. Please be aware the some audio visual set ups may require you to access a selection screen to transition from the holding screen to the photo tribute or this image can be included in your presentation for a seamless flow.