Do you have a printing budget to consider?

9 Jan 2019 7:56 PMJackie Anderson Do you have a printing budget to consider?

Do you have a tight printing budget but want your guests to know the order of the service. A good solution is to have a condensed version of the order of service information on a tribute card.

Order of Services cost more to print than a Tribute card as they require scoring and folding in the production process. If you have a small printing budget but wish to convey the service order to the guests you could possibly consider having a condensed version of an order of service printed onto a Tribute Card. It is important to keep this short as the more text you have the smalller the text will be and you have to consider some people may not bring their glasses!






Below is a template you can follow and adjust as needed, just remember to keep it simple:
Tributes by family and friends
Photo Tribute
Words of Comfort
Closing Song


Read this blog post for alternate wording and other service sections.