What is an Order of Service?

An Order of Service is a functional booklet that makes guests aware of the plan of events. This apparently simple booklet is such an emotional and significant thing. It is more piece of the funeral which people can take and keep or those who could not make it to the funeral can have. Most order of service booklets are made by a professional, however their style and information is determined by the family. It should reflect the loved ones character through design elements and images, tell their story through a eulogy, share their wisdom through a personal quote or show their attitude with a life motto or poem.

At Pencil Dust designs we have redesigned the Order of Services so the front space can be used as the artwork area. With this new layout the booklet can be take home as a parting gift from the family, framed and kept and a thoughtful memento. Please see out next post about the general layout of our contemporary templates.